16 Ways To Tell You’ve Become a Travel Photographer

28th February 2015

shanghai I got my first camera for my 12th birthday. It was a wind up film camera and I loved it. The first 5 rolls were mainly photos of swans and my toys but I was instantly hooked.

Since then I’ve gone through about 5 camera but it wasn’t until two years ago that I bought my first DSLR. I had wanted one for so long and moving to Korea was the perfect excuse to take the plunge. Since then it has been glued to my side. I have to warn people now if i’m not bringing it.

Slowly over the last two years I’ve started to learn more and more. I also managed to get my photos published in a few travel magazines here so I ‘tentatively’ feel I can call my self a travel photographer (or at least a aspiring one) so I thought i’d write a list of those little signs that show you might love your camera and travel a little more than the average point and clicker.

  1. You travel with two toothbrushes. One for your teeth, one for your camera.
  2. You have more photos of strangers than of the people you are traveling with. koreanman
  3. Your bucket list has slowly become photos you want to take. it use to just be ‘See the Northern Lights’ now it says ‘Take a good picture of the Northern Lights’.
  4. You have mastered switching on your camera and taking a picture in about 5 seconds.
  5. You can still picture the photos you missed, maybe you should take up painting to re-create them? KohSamui2
  6. You’ll try food when you travel , not because your hungry but because it’ll make a good picture.
  7. Friends say they plan their holidays around your photos.
  8. Your camera comes first in regards to your suitcases weight. Clothes will be sacrificed if necessary. skyline1
  9. You plan your holidays around the photos you want to take.
  10. You can say ‘can I take your picture’ in almost every language.
  11. You use to take photos of weird things abroad, now they seem normal so you take weird photos of things back home.
  12. Before traveling you only saw sunrises when you were coming home from a night out. Now you wake up especially. sunset
  13. You know when the ‘magic hour’ is in every time zone.
  14. You’ll charge your camera battery rather than your phone.
  15. RAW means something very different to you. china2
  16. If you don’t already have a GoPro you really, really want one. You’ll take up extreme sports to make it worth while. KohSamui koreanbbq2 taiwan tarokogorge

Happy Snapping lovely people. Please send us links of your fantastic photos and blogs. We’d love to see them.  signature