A Canadian Thanksgiving… Ehhh

23rd October 2014

header One of the perks of being abroad is learning about different cultures and not necessarily the one your thought you’d be learning about.

I’m embarrassed to say that before coming to Korea I’d never met a Canadian or had really talked to a South African but I now count Canadians and South Africans as some of my closest friends.

We all share the common feeling of missing home so when one of our friends is missing a celebration in their home country we make a point of celebrating it here in Korea together. One of my favourites is Canadian Thanksgiving. What is there not to love? An excuse to eat turkey, gravy and drink wine? I’m in!


Apparently this is how Canadians drink red wine.

thanks1 thanks9 This year we gathered a group of about fourteen people and headed to Buy the Book which is a delightful second hand book store and restaurant in down town Daegu.

We ate good food and spent hours reminiscing about our own countries (mainly talking about the food we miss, which is a recurring theme for most expats…Cheese oh how I miss you!)

It was a great evening that turned into a brilliant night. We drank the bar dry of red wine and started to get nostalgic for the end of our time here in Korea that seems to be approaching faster than Usain Bolt being chased by a tiger on acid.


Less than a dash of this was used as a challenge and killed a few of the boys


Two of my favourites

thanks10 It’s safe to say that a good evening was had by all. Even if we weren’t all Canadian.

After all we have a lot to be thankful for so why not use this occasion to take a moment….and drink red wine. signature