A Very Special Day

8th April 2015

project This is just¬† a short post to celebrate one of my favourite days of the year. Our anniversary. Today we can say that we have been each others person for ten years! At 8 Lee was my ‘love at first sight’. At 15 he was my high school sweetheart and at 27 he was the love of my life.

We met 20 years ago while our families were getting our brothers ready for an Easter Bonnet parade. Since then we have been firm friends. In the twenty years that i’ve known this lovely man I have been lucky enough to call him my friend. But for ten years of that i’ve been able to say he is my favourite person. I hope this is just the beginning.

I will always be grateful that we had a chance after uni to go our separate ways and see the world on our own but I’ll always be more grateful that we found each other again.

We are in Hong Kong at the moment (I will catch you up with our China adventure) and we love everything about this city. What better place to celebrate ten years with my partner in crime, travel buddy and sweet , sweet man.

Sorry for the sappy post everyone , but Happy 8th of April