Lee and I aged 7 and 8

Lee and I aged 7 and 8

Welcome to our little blog.

My name is Tania . The other guy is my boyfriend of 12 years and friend of 23 years, Lee .

We have always been obsessed with the idea of travel. When we were young and too small to travel alone we would plan long trips. We’d think of all the places we would one day go.

Fast forward to 15 years later. We sold all of our belongings, gave up our London flat, quit our jobs and set out to see the world. I wanted to write down some of our experiences so that our families back home can keep track of us (Hi Mum).

Hopefully when we are old and grey this blog will help us remember the random little things that happened along the way (or just to help us remember that we actually did these things since our memories aren’t exactly NASA material)

We have just landed in Australia and are ready to explore all that Australasia has to offer. The last few years we have lived in South Korea, travelled Asia for 4 months and taken a kabillion photos.

blogpic australia19 So that is us. A small girl (actually average height but he’s so tall I can pretend) and a tall guy seeing as much as we possibly can. Squeezing in as much food, wine and dancing as a human can take.

*This new site is an extension of my old blog. I have been writing my own blog for the last year and a half about our little Korean adventures. I will slowly move them onto here but for now here is a link:

www.doodlezilla.blogspot.com *

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