Our Christmas Weekend

15th December 2014

snow It’s CHRISTMAS!

I remember sitting in the cinema many moons ago with my lovely tall man and watching ‘Elf’ for the first time. After the first ten minutes of the film he turned to me and whispered ‘oh my god, it’s you’.

It is true, if I had a spirit animal it would be ‘Buddy the Elf’. I get excited by everything and have been known to talk about a good dog I saw that day for far too long. This is me all through the year so you can only imagine what I’m like at Christmas. Luckily for me Lee is just as bad.

We have put off celebrating for as long as possible but this weekend we went into full on Christmas mode.

The tree went up. The first red cup was drunk. The smells of homemade Baileys, eggnog, fudge and ginger biscuits filled our small flat and Nat King Cole was played constantly.

We checked off quite a few items from our  Christmas bucket list.

I even watched Die Hard and Lethal Weapon for the first time. At 28 I realise that is shocking but I have righted the wrong.

We hope you all had a fantastic Christmassy weekend. Or if you don’t celebrate Christmas, we hope you had a warm snuggly few days


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