Our To-Do list in China and Taiwan

29th July 2014

IMG_8640 Only 8 days now and we will be winging our way to China! I have all of the Bruce Lee classics as well as Mulan and Kung Pow ready to be watched over the next week just to get me a little bit more excited. Yes, those cultural classics.

We will only be in each location for a few days so I’ve gone into crazy planning mode to make sure we get the most out of our trip. We aren’t ones for packed schedules but we do like to have a few things we know we will see.

So here is our rough list:

China – Beijing

  • The Great Wall – obviously this is on the list and we’ve decided to visit the Mutianyu section of the wall as it promises to be less crowded (there is also a sled ride down the mountain which swayed us slightly) . It’s almost a little daunting to imagine standing on a wall I’ve seen so many times in pictures and movies. I think until we are stood on it and taking silly touristy photos it won’t feel real.
  • The Forbidden City – Again this was always going to be on the list. It’s such an iconic place and it will feel like we’ve stepped into every image of China we’ve seen our whole lives once we are there.
  • Eat Peking duck – Obviously food is a huge part of our holidays and China will definitely not be any different. I have had a soft place in my heart for Chinese food since I can remember and I plan on eating dumplings until I resemble one but this tasty duck is going to be a treat. Get in our bellies.
  • Mongolian Lamb – Although we won’t be in Mongolia we are excited to see the influences from this mysterious country. In Korea you can’t get lamb unless you really hunt it down so we plan on filling up on the stuff while we can.

China – Shanghai

  • The Maglev train – this is something Lee introduced me to. It’s a train that signals the future has arrived. It runs on magnets and is suspended above the air so it doesn’t need a conventional. It displays a technique that could stop air travel all together. If you put a maglev train in a vacuumed tunnel there would be no friction and there for no limit to its speed. Theoretically you could travel around the world in two hours. If we could find a way for our fragile bodies to handle those speeds that is. At the moment it’s just a train between Shanghai airport and the city but it’s a start.
  • Antique markets – I can’t wait to find some interesting objects here from old China and the surrounding countries. Hopefully I may find some vintage clothes shops dotted around too.
  • The Bund – This is the waterfront area that surrounds the Huangpu River. It is meant to be beautiful and provides great views on a lazy day. We are hoping to find a nice spot to sit and sip a lychee martini; after all, we are in China.

Taiwan – Taipei

  • Taipei 101 – I love the views from the tops of high buildings in cities, it always puts the city into perspective. Lee isn’t a huge fan of heights, ironically for a tall man. But he loves the views (if he’s not looking down). It will really feel we have arrived in Taiwan once we are up here.
  • Ounce – A weird edition to the list but this speakeasy bar is right up our street. A small coffee shop with a secret button leading to a 1930’s themed cocktail bar. We will be running there to spend many hours drinking unique cocktails and to dance the night away.
  • Modern Toilet – Part of what excites me about Taiwan is its kookiness. There are many themed restaurants in Taipei and this seems like this is the most bizarre end of the scale. Chocolate poop shaped ice cream served in toilet bowls anyone?
  • Breakfast food – When I’ve been reading about Taiwan, especially on Tom’s fantastic blog found here , the food items that excites me more than most is the Taiwanese breakfast food. I love breakfast. Bacon, pancakes, pastry, eggs…all of it. Taiwan promises lots of different exciting things to try.
  • STREET FOOD! – This goes for the entire trip. We want to eat Szechwan chicken, lamb curries, bacon pancakes, red pork, beggars chicken…all of it. Come on week. Go quicker!

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