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Happy 2017 Everyone

8th January 2017

Happy 2017 lovely people. So this website has been very quiet for a while. We have been busy bees.
2016 saw us FINALLY get our Australian visas so we are going to be putting ‘another shrimp on the barbie’ for a while longer.
Now we are allowed to travel outside of Australia we are hoping to bounce around a bit more.

Some travel is already booked. Lucky Lee is heading to the UK for two weeks to see his family. I’m unable to escape because I’m busy making cartoons at work (yes, I get paid to be a nerd). So he has been given a long list of things I want him to do and see for me. I’m going to live vicariously through the tall man.

Other than that we are moving house in Feb. An actual house that we can decorate. I’m so excited.

My bro & my favourite sister-in-law are coming to visit Australia (sqweeeeeee so excited) so we will be forced to explore with them…woe is us. Hugging koalas and looking at gorgeous beaches. How ever will we cope.

We have an Easter trip booked to the place voted ‘best beach in the world’ countless times. Whitsundays. We have lots of airmiles to use up so it’s the perfect opportunity to roll in some white sandy beaches and gawp at the best azure blues that Queensland has to offer.

We still have some airmiles left so The South Pacific is calling. It would be rude to live in Australia and not see Vanuatu or Fiji, wouldn’t it?
Lastley, we want to go home for next Christmas. This Christmas was surprisingly incredible. I was terrified of being so far away from home without or families and friends but we loved it. That being said… Next Christmas I WILL be home. I’ve started saving already. I am hoping to squeeze a Europian adventure in there too. It’s sacrilegious to be a Brit and to have not been to Amsterdam or seen a lot of Europe. I need to right this wrong.
So that’s the hopes and wishes of 2017. Now I just need to save as many pennies as possible to make them a reality.

Happy new year lovely people x
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