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Taiwan Oddities

5th January 2015

market7 I love travel…well duh, right! And one of the reason I love travel is those tiny oddities that jump out at you in a new country and stick out as something completely unique. When I go to a new country I always carry a little notebook and I jot down things to remember , tiny memories I might lose if I didn’t make a note. Lee and I always sit down at some point on the holiday and jot things down…normally over cocktails.

What we normally forget though is where we put those notes. Today I found a scribbled note listing some of the fantastic oddities we discovered in Taiwan.

This was such a rarity after living in Korea that we took a photo

This was such a rarity after living in Korea that we took a photo

  1. No Bins –

Just like Korea, there’s NO BINS…ahhh! I don’t understand why or how a country doesn’t have them. It’s bizarre to me, especially coming from a country where my mum would kill me for even thinking of dropping a piece of litter. I think it’s for safety reasons and also because they look messy but tis odd.



  1. In Taiwan the English word for Limes seems to be Lemons.

There might be an official term for them but on all posters and in all pictures they were called lemons. I honestly didn’t care since I love limes with a passion and they don’t have them in Korea. That’s not true, they do but they cost an arm and a leg (and another leg too). Fresh lime/lemon juice…I miss you.


  1. People are super polite.

I have mentioned it time and time again but the Taiwanese are so nice. Always smiling, always cheerful, helpful, and chatty. It was a pleasure to be in their presence and in their country. Take us back!!


  1. Breakfast restaurants

What’s the best meal of the day? If you didn’t say breakfast then you are wrong, unless you said lunch or dinner. Those are good too. In Taiwan they love breakfast, in fact they love it so much that there are tons of restaurants especially open just to provide you with breakfast. Pancakes, egg rolls, bacon burritos you name it, they’ve got it. They open at about 5am and are closed by 12. You can normally tell it’s a breakfast restaurant from the long doughnut like pastries hung up outside and the fact they are the only places open that early. The only problem you may find is there is no English but we had no problem pointing at what others had just saying ‘best’ at the lovely man serving us.  We sadly only discovered one on our last day in Taiwan so make sure you get in there every day if you visit. You won’t regret it.