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El Nido – Getting lost and lazy in Paradise

3rd April 2015

banner We had high hopes for El Nido – Palawan. It did not disappoint. I wish I had a lot to write about¬† but a place like this, with a hotel like we had meant we did, well….nothing.

9 10 8 We stayed at the Island Front Cottages in one of their new ‘sea view’ rooms, which was just a little bungalow to ourselves. We had a free pancake breakfasts, free juice all day, a sunset on our terrace every night and HBO in the room for lazy late night movie evenings. The beach we were on was a different one to the main built up area on El Nido , it was called Corong – Corong, which meant it was even more empty and peaceful.

By the time we arrived we had been traveling for 3 weeks. Lee was still recovering from a horrible bout of food poisoning that he is still suffering from now (I’m a little behind in my blog posts and writing this from China). We took the opportunity to have a vacation from our vacation. The lack of internet and things to do made up happy campers.

11 12 15 17 Apart from an island tour that we knew we wanted to do we took the opportunity to read, eat mangos and watch sopranos on the terrace. Yes we are lazy fools. Me more so since i’ve never seen Sopranos…I LOVE it.

Another excuse for my laziness is that I too suffered the dreaded stomach bug and was an un-moving wreck for 24 hours. I too am still suffering and starting to suspect we may have been hit by something a little worse than uncooked chicken. But if you are going to be ill, here is the place to do it.

Here are some photos from our time on this idyllic island. Apologies for all the sunset photos but I needed the practice and the island was just too pretty. 13 14 18 19 20 21 22 signature