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Touristy Things To Do In Edinburgh

14th March 2015


 a person who is traveling or visiting a place for pleasure.
Sometimes people will try everything to not be seen as a tourist but I am an advocate for embracing the term. Not the ‘loud, obnoxious’ stereotype but a person who is in search for pleasure and wants to discover a new place, respectfully.

Two years ago for Christmas my brother bought my mum and baby sister a surprise flight to visit him in Edinburgh. So selflessly I decided to join the rest of the Vincent’s and finally see the Scottish isles.

I LOVED it. I had just come back from Rome and I realise that it sounds crazy to someone who’s never been but Edinburgh reminds me a lot of Rome, history on every corner, gorgeous architecture and lovely people. So without further ado, here are those things that everyone needs to try in the Scottish capital: carltonhill1 carltonhill3

  • Visit Calton Hill 

This is the large hill in Edinburgh that looks out to Arthur’s seat and the town below, as well as the seas behind you. If you can go up and watch it turn to dusk you will be in for a treat.

  • Find some Bagpipes… and dance in the street

My mum was so happy to see a Scottish guard playing the bagpipes that she proceeded to do an jig in the street. She was lovely and it was a great moment. haggis

  • Eat Nipps and Tatties 

Haggis may not appeal to you but believe me, it is delicious. Imagine a meatball (or a faggot for the English / Welsh people out there) It’s great. If you can’t bring yourself to try it then you can always try one of the other Scottish delights. Oat cakes, swede mash, whiskey sauce, shortbread, hot toddies, mulled wine, deep fried mars bars,  cranachan….mmmm just eat everything while you are there.

  • Visit the Elephant Cafe

If you aren’t a fan of Harry Potter then this might not appeal to you but i’m a HUGE potter fan so going to the cafe where she wrote a lot of it was a cool feeling. There are also signs of the books all over this city. In the Greyfruars Kirkyard graveyard, which is also definitely worth a visit, you can see the gravestone of a man named ‘Tom Riddle’ and see Edinburgh castle that gave the inspiration for Hogwarts. If you do go to the elephant cafe, you might find yourself wondering why there aren’t any elephants in the books.

  • Go on the Edinburgh after dark tour

There are so many  walking tours in Edinburgh . We paid a little and had a tour of the underground tombs with the Auld Reekie Tour company. We had my younger sister with us so we didn’t do the ghost tour just the underground tour. The vaults under the city were made famous by the criminals Burke and Hare but have gone through so many changes throughout the year. It was a little creepy but interesting. Seeing the left over cockle shells from when there were secret bars under the bridge in the 19th century. It’s a great thing to see. dog marketstreet

  • Walk the Cobbled Street’s of Edinburgh

Sometimes you just need to walk around a city . Edinburgh is one of those. You should just walk and take it all in. (if you can stop off and buy a Irn Bru and a Tunnocks teacake while you do it, even better)

irnbru teacake

Have you been to Edinburgh or anywhere else that you love in Scotland? Where in Scotland should we visit next?  signature