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Mui Ne – The Perfect Rest For Two Weary Travellers

23rd May 2015

IMG_1815 Mui Ne was a place we added last minute to our itinerary . I was interested in the fairy stream and the sand dunes. Weirdly the one thing we didn’t do while we were there was see the sand dunes…yes I know that’s crazy but the reason for this decision was mainly this place…. IMG_1822 tania tania2

We stayed in a simple hostel right down the end of town by the fairy stream. On our first day we decided to chill out and explore. The heat was crazy so we walked across the road and saw a beautiful pool and hotel that we could pay to sit at for the day. One day became two, two days became three and before we knew it we never wanted to move again.

fairystream fairystream2 fairystream3 fairystream4 fairystream5 sanddunes We headed to the fairy stream which didn’t impress Lee. Mainly because I forgot to tell Lee that he had to wade knee deep in mud and sludge. I liked it but mainly because it was free and next to our hotel. I wouldn’t have paid for it. There was a teenager asked for money to go to the stream. Please ignore this guy. He isn’t legit and needs to go back to school. Money is keeping him at the stream. The lady in our hotel was very upset about the child beggars and explained how they drop out the second they realise they can make money begging. DON’T SUPPORT IT!

Preaching over. Anyway where was I…oh yes, us being lazy buggers.

We had been traveling for almost two months and we just needed a rest. It was a great rest too. Unfortunately I am not sure Mui Ne is for everyone. It’s mainly aimed at Russian Tourists and you need to take taxis to get up and down the long road. The beach wasn’t clean at all, we even saw some chemical waste. There are also quite a few scams being run all over the place such as kids threatening people after pushing them down on sleds at the dunes and police waiting for foreigners so they can fine them. But if you go to restaurants reviewed on Trip Advisor and get good tours you should have a good time. We just needed a pool and some margaritas and Mui Ne definitely provided. beach flowers tania3 flowers2 palmtrees pool sunset