21st November 2014

heatngon This magical day requires a drawing!! My school didn’t put the heating on for so long last year that this year I have been prepared for the worst . Today  I was teaching in seven layers. Well, I say teaching but my lips were too numb to speak. Only quiet meeps escaped me. It was like they were being taught by Beaker from the Muppets.

I had prepared myself for  the long cold winter. I’d said goodbye to my loved ones and had come to the conclusion that they would find me frozen to my chair like the native teacher version on Han Solo.

And then , as I was sat in my classroom I heard a beep. It was unfamiliar but still brought joy to my heart. The heating switched on.

it is now like a tropical paradise in my room (compared to before anyway). I now only wear three layers while working and I can actually move my arms again.Heaven!! I have also embraced the Korean cuteness and bought A giant teddy shaped Korean USB foot warmer. It is sent from all the gods. Happy winter everybody :S