This is just a little fun project Lee and I have started. We decided to take photos of different currency in front of iconic areas in different countries.

Kyoto - Japan

Kyoto – Japan




Taroko Gorge

Taroko Gorge

Taroko Gorge

Taroko Gorge

The Great wall with Mau

The Great wall with Mau

KoreaMoney01 aus_01

Sydney – Australia aus_02

Yamba – New South Wales – Australia aus_03

Hervey Bay – Queensland – Australia cam_01

Phnom Pehn – Cambodia cam_02

Angkor Wat – Cambodia cam_03

Koh Rong Samloem – Cambodia cam_04

Angkor Wat – Cambodia cam_05

Angkor Wat – Cambodia cam_06

Angkor Wat – Cambodia china_01

Shanghai – China china_02

Longji – China


Guilin – China china_04

Guilin – China hk_01

Hong Kong indo_01

Yogyakarta – Indonesia indo_02

Yogyakarta – Indonesia indo_03

Nusa Lembongan – Indonesia indo_04

Gili Air – Indonesia indo_05

Gili Meno – Indonesia indo_06

Yogyakarta – Indonesia jap_01

Osaka – Japan phil_01

Bohol – The Philippines phil_02

El Nido – The Philippines phil_03

Boracay -The Philippines sing_01

Singapore sing_02

Singapore taiwan_01

Taipei – Taiwan thai_01

Bangkok – Thailand thai_02

Chiang Mai – Thailand uk_01

Cardiff – UK vietnam_01

Catba – Vietnam vietnam_02

Hue – Vietnam vietnam_03

Hue – Vietnam vietnam_04

Hue – Vietnam vietnam_05

Hue – Vietnam vietnam_06

Mui Nei – Vietnam



  • What a great idea! So cute 🙂

    • small

      Thank you Neysha. I’ve done quite a few but i’ve been too busy/lazy to upload. You’ve inspired me now though 🙂